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    Neoderm™ ADM

    Tissue augmentation | Allograft | Resorbable Acellular Human Dermis Membrane$$ADM1010-T, ADM2010-T, ADM4010-T, ADM4020-T$$


    Barrier membrane | Xenograft | Resorbable Resorbable collagen membrane derived from highly purified type I collagen fibres from bovine Achilles tendon.$$N1520, N2030, N3040$$

    Neomem® FlexPlus

    Barrier membrane | Xenograft | Resorbable Single layer collagen membrane derived from porcine peritoneum.$$NF1520, NF2030, NF3040$$

    Neomem® Xac

    Barrier membrane | Allograft | Resorbable Amnion Chorion Allograft Membrane$$NAC0808, NAC1020, NAC1212, NAC1520, NAC1525, NAC2030$$


    Barrier membrane | 100% Medical Grade PTFE | Non-Resorbable (Boxes of 5 membranes) (Boxes of 5 membranes)$$OPENTEX_0105, OPENTEX_0205$$

    Opentex® TR

    Barrier membrane | Medical Grade PTFE | Non-Resorbable Titanium reinforced PTFE membrane for space maintenance.$$OPENTEX-TR_P01, OPENTEX-TR_P02, OPENTEX-TR_P03, OPENTEX-TR_P05, OPENTEX-TR_P06, OPENTEX-TR_P07$$

    PentOS OI™ Flex

    Dental bone graft | 100% Allograft Flexible Veneer Graft - PentOS OI™ Flex is a 1 mm thick osteoinductive, demineralized cortical bone graft.$$P-FLEX1010, P-FLEX1515, P-FLEX1710$$

    PentOS OI™ Max

    100% Allograft Hydratable Inductive Matrix - Create your customized osteoinductive graft by combining PentOS OI™ Max, a 100% allograft Inductive Collagen Matrix (ICM) with your choice of blood, BMA, PRP, I-PRF or simply saline to form a moldable graft which can be extruded through a syringe.$$P-FLEX1010, P-FLEX1515, P-FLEX1710$$

    PentOS OI™ Putty

    100% Allograft DBM Putty - PentOS OI™ Putty is made from 100% human bone without any additional diluent or carrier to diminish its osteoinductive properties.$$P-PUTTYS005, P-PUTTYS010, P-PUTTYS025, P-PUTTYS050$$

    PentOS OI™ Sponge

    100% Allograft Compressible Bone Matrix PentOS OI™ Sponge, is made of cancellous and demineralized bone, it is available as blocks.$$P-SP-B10, P-SP-B12$$