Ridge Preservation Kit-Basic

Now you can save by assembling your own all-in-one convenient Ridge Preservation Kit.
The kit includes a 15x20 mm resorbable collagen membrane (Neomem® or Neomem® Flexplus), 0.5 cc of Raptos® Jar Allograft particulates (Cortical, Cancellous or Cortico-Cancellous Blend) and a Monoglyc™ Resorbable suture (4-0 or 5-0).
Select your preferred membrane (-10%):

Select your preferred bone type (-10%):

Select your preferred suture size (-20%):


Add a NeoPlug Dental Wound Dressing (-10%)

Neoplug 10x20mm Bovine dermis collagen plug (5 pk) (CA$108.90)
Add Bone Delivery Syringes (-10%)

Single use bone delivery syringes 1cc (10/pk) (CA$49.50)
Add Scalpel blades #15 (-10%)

BMT GD - Scalpel blade, sterile, 100 pcs, fig.15 (CA$36.00)
Add a Bone Packer (-25%)

BMT GD - Bone packer condenser (CA$49.35)
Add a Membrane Applicator (-25%)

BMT GD - Membrane regenerat. instrument, 18.5cm (CA$46.73)
Main Item Price CA$ 0.00
Optional Item Price CA$ 247.80
Price for this Configuration CA$ 247.80



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