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NeoPlug | NeoCote | NeoTape

Resorbable dental collagen wound dressings

Our Resorbable Wound Dressings are absorbent and porous collagen matrices engineered from purified collagen that is derived from bovine dermis tissue. The thickness and pore structure of these devices allow them to absorb fluid and blood at the defect site. (Boxes of 5)

Features & Benefits

· Can be shaped and cut to size 
· Individually packed in boxes of 5 units
Single use and supplied sterile



Wound dressings are available in:

· NeoPlug (10 mm diameter x 20 mm)
· NeoTape (25 mm x 75 mm x 1 mm)
· NeoCote (20 mm x 40 mm x 3 mm)



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