Screw & Tack Kit

Screw & Tack

Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

Storage Block for 108 screws + 24 tacks + meshes + instrumentation (*Optional: Mini Block for 16 screws + 16 tacks)

Designed for easy access!

The Screw & Tack Kit is designed to organize everything you need for bone and membrane fixation in one convenient location.

The storage block consists of a sliding cover that locks into place the compartmental instrumentation section, a dial cover that keeps the screws and tacks into place including a measuring ruler and a conveniently located drawer for titanium meshes.

The convenient color coding (blue • silver • gold) of the dial area matches that of the instrumentation driver shafts making it easier to get it right the first time.


All you need for bone and membrane fixation

• Storage Blocks
• Titanium Bone Screws (MICRO - MID - MINI)
• Titanium Wide Head Screws (WIDE-H)
• Titanium Tenting Screws (TENTING)
• Titanium Tacks (J-TAC)
• Applicators, Drill and Driver Shafts
• Titanium Meshes for GBR
• Mesh Puncher and related instruments


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