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Choose from the industry’s most complete range of dental bone grafts!

Our product line includes bone substitutes based on human bone (allograft), animal bone (xenograft) and synthetic material, offering solutions across the spectrum of case needs and budgets. These products are available in a wide range of formats (putty, particulate, bone blocks/strips) and packaging (jars, vials, syringes). Citagenix bone grafts are the product of industry leading research and development, and have been subjected to extensive clinical testing.

All of our bone grafts conform to the highest standards of sourcing, manufacturing, labeling, and quality control.

Our osteoinductive products range from our premium PentOS OI™ line of products that demonstrate proven Osteoinductivity to C-Graft Putty™ and C-Blast Putty™ demineralized bone matrix (DBM) with CMC carrier for superior handling. If you need a mineralized component to your graft, Raptos allografts offer an osteoconductive scaffold for promoting bone regeneration. The key to success with synthetically engineered products is striking the regeneration balance between graft resorption and bone regeneration. Some patients prefer a synthetic grafting solution and Eclipse provides this.

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  • DynaGraft D®

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  • Accell® Connexus

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