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Vacuette Blood collectors

Serum Clot Activator Tubes

9ml, Red Cap, Black ring, Non-ridged (50 pack)

• Coated with micronized silica particles which activate clotting when tubes are gently inverted
• Clear as glass with equal or better performance
• Molded to be virtually unbreakable, providing a better level of safety than glass
• Pediatric tubes come with white rings for quick identification
• Safety Twist Caps can be removed and replaced several times


Blood Collectors with Holder 

19 cm, 21Gx34" (24 pack)

Pre-attached set with holder is a practical, ready-to-use solution that saves time.

• Sets specially developed for blood collection from patients with difficult vein conditions
• Provides the necessary protection from the risk of needlestick injury
• No threading is necessary
• Sterile blister pack
• Needle length: 0.75 in



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