PentOS OI Family

Pentos OI™


PentOS OI™ Family

Proven to form bone. Every time. It’s that simple!

Must demonstrate all five elements of bone formation before they are released for use.

  1. New bone
    New bone is the final step in the maturation of the product.
  2. Bone marrow
    The presence of bone marrow indicates the ability of the product to differentiate into osteoblasts, chondrocytes, cartilage and new bone.
  3. Osteocytes
    Osteocytes are derived from osteoblasts, or bone forming cells, and are essentially osteoblasts surrounded by the products they secreted.
  4. Cartilage
    Cartilage is replaced by bone during ossification in the higher vertebrates. It is indicative that the bone formation is forthcoming.
  5. Chondrocyte
    A Chondrocyte is a unique cell type in articular cartilage tissue and is essential for cartilage formation and functionality. It arises from mesenchymal stem cells.

Post sterilization in-vivo testing on each lot must demonstrate the presence of new bone, bone marrow, osteocytes, cartilage and chondrocytes within 28 days in an athymic rat model otherwise we don’t call it PentOS OI™. 
In-vitro tests of PentOS OI™ have demonstrated native levels of BMP-2 up to 19 times the native levels in the control.



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