Resorbable Bovine Collagen Membrane

Neomem® is a resorbable collagen membrane derived from highly purified type I collagen fibres from bovine Achilles tendon. The macromolecular pore size allows vital nutrient transfer while the cell occlusive membrane retards epithelium down growth.

Features & benefits

• Higher mechanical strength for membrane stabilization in situ using either sutures or resorbable tacks
• Longer in vivo stability and resorption time, 26-38 weeks, for sustained function
• Optimized flexibility and rigidity for better space maintenance which allows for desired tissue in-growth
• Either side of the Neomem can be placed towards the soft tissue or bone
• Easily trimmed and placed, wet or dry
• Sterilized by irradiation and packaged in double pouches



Exceptionnal clinical performance
• Suture pull out strength between 290 g & 350 g
• Cell occlusive - Retards epithelium down growth
• Macromolecular pore size allows nutrient transfer



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