DynaGraft D




DBM and reverse phase medium

A powerful combination of DBM and a reverse phase medium.

This advanced formula contains more DBM, yet the same excellent handling and graft containment characteristics that separated DynaGraft·D® from the competition. The unique reverse phase medium becomes more viscous at body temperature, but less viscous at cooler temperatures. Therefore, it is malleable at operating room temperatures, but stiffens when placed in the operative site. This allows the DBM to be contained at the graft site with minimal loss through irrigation and suction.

DynaGraft·D® is designed to promote natural bone formation by stimulating the proliferation and transformation of mesenchymal cells to osteoblasts.



Superior Handling
DynaGraft•D incorporates a biocompatible Reverse Phase Medium that results in a highly malleable graft that is easy to handle, mold or pack into any defect.

Excellent Graft Containment
DynaGraft•D thickens at body temperature and resists irrigation, minimizing the likelihood of migration from the surgical site.

Unparalleled Testing
Unlike some other DBM products, every lot of DBM used in DynaGraft•D­ is rigorously tested to confirm that it contains the level of osteoinductivity to form new bone.



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