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Deppeler® Curettes for Implants

The intelligent solution for the treatment of implants.

Our Deppeler® Titanium Currettes are made of solid titanium and are specifically designed to remove plaque and calculus on titanium implant abutments. Moreover, being harder and stronger than the ordinary plastic curettes, our Titanium Curettes are more efficient than the plastic ones yet there is virtually no risk of scratching the titanium implant.

Why pure titanium?
· This form of titanium is slightly softer than that used in the manufacture of implants.
· Plastic curettes do not provide a real cutting edge.
· A titanium coating is not sufficient to protect the implant

The sharpening of titanium curettes should be done with a stone specifically designed for this material (included in our kits). This sharpening stone is ideally suited to avoid burr formation during sharpening.
A dedicated stone should be used only on the titanium curettes since stones used to re-sharpened steel curettes are contaminated with steel particles that could damage or become imbedded in the titanium curettes.



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