Accell Connexus

Accell Connexus


Accell® Connexus

ABM with Reverse Phase Medium

A high surface area demineralized bone matrix (ABM) that incorporates a highly biocompatible Reverse Phase Medium (RPM) for robust handling.

Natural Healing
Accell features a concentrated form of the same BMPs and growth factors that the human body produces to form new bone—with nearly five times more BMPs than DBM alone. Because Accell contains only human bone and Reverse Phase Medium, a proprietary carrier, it eliminates the potential for reaction to non-human collagen.

Easy Handling
Its proprietary Reverse Phase Medium makes Accell moldable and easy to pack into any shape defect. It requires no special handling, storage, thawing, mixing or setting. Accell thickens at body temperature to hold the graft in place and resists irrigation to allow for better graft containment.




Proven Results
Accell contains BMPs and growth factors with DBM to accelerate the body’s healing response. In nature, these elements work together as part of the natural bone formation process:

Growth factors (TGF-ß and IGF-1) recruit stem cells to the surgical site. TGF-ß also stimulates the stem cells to replicate, creating the cellular foundation for new bone.

VEG-F stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the site.  BMP-2, BMP-4 and BMP-7 transform stem cells into osteoblasts (bone forming cells). FGF and PDGF promote replication of stem cells and osteoblasts. As the osteoblasts form, they organize themselves to create new bone.

Accell Connexus® is a next generation Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM)-based bone grafting product. In addition to standard DBM, Accell Connexus® contains patented Accell® Bone Matrix (ABM).



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