The Regen Company

We work with doctors to select the best product-solution in order to obtain the desired surgical outcome.

Citagenix realizes that our doctors are treating patients, each with specific needs and criteria so we work with them to select the right product-solution from our complete portfolio.

Our management and sales directors each have over 20 years of experience in dental devices and grafting materials. They are experts in their field with proven track records making them a valuable resource for our doctors. ​

Our Customer Service Team is a cornerstone of our company. At Citagenix we do not believe that customer service is an entry position – we believe that this is where our customers come to get answers and results. This is the reason that our Customer Service Team is also made up of members with extensive experience in regenerative products.

Our Profile

Since our Canadian founding in 1997, Citagenix has evolved into a fully integrated medical device company led by a highly experienced senior management team.

We have amassed vast experience and knowledge in bringing product solutions to both the dental and orthopedic regen markets. In doing so, we have become a valuable reference and resource for our bone grafting clinicians.

We successfully commercialize our regen products through our direct sales and distribution channels in Canada and the United States as well as globally with selected partners.



To become a global leader in developing, acquiring and commercializing innovative and novel regen products.


To build long term relationships with our customers by providing high quality innovative products and outstanding service while constantly pursuing the expansion and growth of our product portfolio.


Teamwork – fostering ethical long term relationships- recognizing, encouraging and valuing individual initiatives, creativity, and diversity- striving for continuous improvement –caring about our community and environment.

About Us

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