Periacryl® tissue adhesive
PeriAcryl® is a fast drying butyl cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive. It is an effective tissue adhesive which displays hemostatic properties and a bacteriostatic action. In Canada, PeriAcryl® is indicated for use in the oral cavity as a securing agent for free gingival grafts and as a liquid dressing for donor sites, biopsy sites and securing other types of dental dressings. PeriAcryl® is also indicated for use as a dental cement for bonding dental materials such as crowns, caps and pins.
"PeriAcryl® has several advantages over conventional suture materials in soft-tissue surgery: it saves time, is hemostatic and bacteriostatic, and doesn't need to be removed during post-operative follow-up."1

1. The Use Of Cyanoacrylates In Periodontal Therapy, Jim Grisdale, BA, DDS Dip. Prosth., Dip. Perio., MRCD(C)

High viscosity formula
PeriAcryl® is also available in a high viscosity formulation:
          • 9 times thicker than regular viscosity PeriAcryl®
          • Developed using feedback from periodontists
          • Increased control for precision application and less waste
          • Same trusted set time and strength as standard PeriAcryl®
          • Same user friendly delivery system as PeriAcryl standard viscosity


Standard PeriAcryl availability:

Unit of use kit

(12 prefilled 0.2 mL pipettes)

Mini kit

(2 mL. bottle, tray and pipettes)


High viscosity PeriAcryl availability:

5 mL. bottle

(with autoclavable tray and 50 pipettes)