Citagenix has teamed up with companies like Hans Biomed and Biomatlante to be able to offer you cutting edge bone grafting technologies. EVERY lot used to manufacture our PentOS OI™ products is proven to be OsteoInductive and MUST demonstrate that it has all five proof points of bone formation. This family of products include PentOS OI™ Putty, PentOS OI™ Flex (a cortical veneer graft used as an onlay grafting), PentOS OI™ Sponge and PentOS OI™ Max. C-Graft Putty is a demineralized bone matrix (DBM) in CMC - a natural, plant derived, carrier for superior handling. If you need a mineralized component to your osteoinductive graft try C-Blast Putty our version of DBM with cancellous chips. Raptos allograft cancellous, cortical and demineralized bone particles offer an osteoconductive scaffold for promoting bone regeneration. Biomatlante researchers have invested almost 20 years in the development of synthetic options. The key to success with engineered products is the balance between graft resorption and bone regeneration. Eclipse provides this balance.

Three Key
of Bone

Scaffolds - Allograft chips or synthetic granules provide the osteoconductive elements to encourage the attachment of osteogenic precursor cells. Scaffold maintains volume of the defect site while anchoring surrounding cells.

Signals - Proven osteoinductive properties of BMPs in demineralized bone stimulates the growth of new bone.

Cells - Patient’s own osteoblasts, osteoclasts and mesenchymal stem cells integrate with the graft material.

Three key elements of bone regeneration
DBMDemineralized Bone Matrix · CMCCarboxymethylcellulose carrier · ICMInductive Collagen Matrix